Denver Open Data

A few weeks back Brian Timoney tweeted about some recent Denver/Colorado open data efforts. OpenColorado hosts over 400 data sets from DRCOG, the City and County of Denver, Boulder and a handful of others.

I decided to see what data was available and what I could do with it. The Public Art data set seemed interesting and small enough to do create something without too much effort.

I downloaded the shapefile and uploaded to my hosted geo service of choice, CartoDB. I use CartoDB because, with the exposed SQL API, my options are almost endless.

Within a few hours (over a few days) I put together a quick “Denver Art Finder” application. It uses Leaflet for the web mapping API and Handlebars as a simple templating engine. The application works by checking your location (you can fake it if you’re not in Denver) and searching for public art within 1km of you via CartoDB’s SQL API. If we find some, we throw some pins on the map that you can click (tap) to find the title of the piece, the artist’s name, and how far away it is. Very simple stuff.

You can grab the source code or view the application at the links below: