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Collaborative Route Mapping with GitHub

A few weeks back GitHub announced rendering of geographic data in your repos via GeoJSON. It’s easier than ever to create, maintain, share and even style your geographic data. But more importantly this reduces the effort required to collaborate using geographic data.

After only a few weeks a number of interesting geo applications have surfaced using the new visualization capabilities GitHub offers. DC WiFi Social, from Ben Balter, is an effort to map locations in DC that serve alcolhol and offer WiFi – a great idea where a few residents with great local knowledge can make life much easier for visitors.

While my knowledge of Denver area bars that offer WiFi is rather limited, I thought it’d be fun to create something to gather bike routes in the Denver area based on distance and difficulty.

So, I forked DC WiFi Social which already had a great framework set up for collaborating: an informative readme, continuous integration (testing) via Travis CI, GeoJSON validation instructions, etc. With very little work of my own I was able to create a collaborative route mapping framework. You can view existing routes, filter by distance or difficulty, and add your own routes. Check it out with the links below.

Future Work

  • Expand beyond Denver – Someone else could fork this project in a different city, or expand the scope beyond just the Denver metro area
  • Maybe add running or hiking routes too?
  • Route POIs – It would be helpful to know about water stops, restrooms or other interesting places along your route
  • Photos – Add a photos property to the route. Maybe it has its own set of GeoJSON points to display photos at specific places along the route

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